ZiKiJi Black Soap


The legendary African Black Soap…used by millions the world over.

ZiKiJi African Black Soap has 100% natural and organic nutrients that cleanse, nourishes and beautify your skin. Immediately after your first use of ZiKiJi’s African Black Soap your skin will experience the unmistakably unique, tingling, revitalized feeling – a feeling that lasts and gets better with continued use.

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For hundreds of years Africans have used their black soap to cleanse, nourish and purify their skin. Fortunately for us this tradition is maintained and we are able to enjoy the benefits of African black soap. However, not all black soaps are the same. ZiKiJi went to Africa on several occasions, traveled to the Northern Region of Ghana, where we directly met with the best black soap makers and contracted their expertise to make the best ZiKiJi black soaps. Consequently, ZiKiJi African black soaps are free from any effort to compromise the product for an increase in profit. We take great pride in the fact that our black soaps are made in Africa, by Africans and are of the highest quality. Use ZiKiJi black soap and experience the remarkable results.


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