ZiKiJi Shea Butter is a 100% all-natural, raw, organic butter direct from Ghana, Africa. For hundreds of years, Africans have used shea butter in multiple ways due to its incredible natural benefits. Africans use shea butter on their skin, in their hair, on their scalp, and they even cook with it!

Made from the renowned African shea nut from the “tree of life,” the karite tree, ZiKiJi Shea Butter has a potent, natural concentration of vitamin A, vitamin E, and other unique organic properties, that not only make it a butter of the highest grade, but also possesses powerful anti-aging elements that decreases wrinkles and refreshes the skin. The rejuvenating and healing essentials of ZiKiJi Shea Butter also helps to relieve multiple skin ailments including eczema, dermatitis, skin allergies and stretch marks.

ZiKiJi staff traveled to Ghana on several occasions and commissioned ZiKiJi Shea Butter directly from Ghanaians who have been making shea butter all their lives. Their expertise, professionalism and pride in making the best shea butter are unparalleled.

Future additional versions of ZiKiJi Shea Butter will contain attractive organic scents (such as the soon to be available “Melon Delight”), to provide exciting options for our customers – however, no additional substances are added, and will never be added to ZiKiJi Shea Butter to increase volume for increased profits.

Your purchase of ZiKiJi Shea Butter gives you access to a product of the highest quality for all your shea butter needs. Use ZiKiJi Shea Butter continuously for great results.