The Wonders of Shea Butter

Welcome to ZiKiJi Shea Butter: a 100% all-natural, raw, organic butter direct from Ghana, Africa. Made from the renowned African shea nut from the “tree of life:” the karite tree, ZiKiJi Shea Butter has a potent, natural concentration of vitamin A, vitamin E, and other unique organic properties, that not only make it a moisturizer of the highest grade, but also possesses powerful anti-aging elements that decreases wrinkles and refreshes the skin. The rejuvenating and healing essentials of ZiKiJi Shea Butter also…..


about our black soap

For hundreds of years African have been using their black soap to cleanse, rejuvenate and purify their skin. Fortunately for us this tradition is maintained and we are able to enjoy the benefits of this uniquely marvelous soap. However, not all black soaps are the same. ZiKiJi Black Soap was …..

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buy ZiKiJi shea butter in bulk

Buy ZiKiJi Shea Butter in bulk.  Ideal for makers of products with shea butter in their ingredients, such as lotions, creams, soaps, ……

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